My Nutrition Philosophy:

Is it a Diet or a Lifestyle?

When meeting with a new client, this is a question I often ask them. I want to set the tone right away: lifestyle changes are lasting changes!

I am frequently asked about popular diet trends. People ask me if they should go low carb, cleanse for a week, drink all their meals, you name it! Whatever gets the weight off fast. Our culture wants quick, promising results. Instant gratification.  What we may not always want to come to terms with, though, is that lasting results will only be achieved from a healthy, balanced diet with physical activity.

Who says being active can’t be fun?!

After discussing why fads often set us up for failure, I have my clients take a step back and ask themselves “Can I do this for the rest of my life – and enjoy it?” Chances are, probably not! We want so badly to get to the goal that we don’t even consider what we will do after we get there. We are so excited to fit into a pair of shorts from college or pre pregnancy skinny jeans. When we get there, we are psyched that the days of living off protein shakes and celery are over. Now back to the norm. Pizza and beer again, hurray!

Then comes the infamous yo-yo. You suffer through the diet, return to your normal eating habits, gain weight, get frustrated, and do it all over again. Stop putting yourself through the agony! My favorite thing about what I do is helping individuals adopt an eating style that feels sustainable and enables them to live their life. There is a little will-power and goal setting involved, sure, but with all things in moderation they find they can still lose weight and enjoy things they love (have a piece of chocolate, for crying out loud!). The weight loss might be slower, but it’s healthier and it stays off. That’s my philosophy!

So, if a lifestyle change is what you are looking for, you came to the right place! I am passionate about helping individuals adopt a healthier relationship with food and enabling them to see firsthand how eating right can improve your health and fitness in a number of ways. Finding whats realistic, makes you feel good, and builds your confidence! If you are ready to make some exciting changes for the long haul, then welcome aboard.

Let’s do this!