7 Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Healthy!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While some people are excited for an abundance of food, others are fearful for the infamous holiday weight gain. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. With just a little bit of mental preparation, the holidays can still be enjoyable without suffering the consequences!


7 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving:

  1. Focus on what the holidays are really about: time with friends and family! Instead of centering your attention on what’s on the buffet table, try to refocus your energy on catching up with loved ones.
  2. Offer to bring your own side. This way, there’s guaranteed to be something¬†¬† healthdinner-1060352_960_720y available that you feel good about! I’m thinking about making this amazing and super healthy dish this year.
  3. Take a visual inventory prior to filing your plate. This way you can choose a small portion of something you’d like to indulge in while focusing the rest of your plate around plenty of whole foods (ie veggies, proteins, grains, etc).
  4. Don’t go back for seconds! Try to put your fork down in between bites, focus on conversation, and give yourself a good 15-20 before making that decision. You’ll thank yourself later!
  5. Watch the alcohol. I love a glass of red myself, especially during the holidays, but be careful just how many glasses you have as that will certainly bump up the calories (while lowering your willpower towards the dessert table)!
  6. Sign up for a Turkey Trot! See if you can’t work in some fun physical activity before the big meal to offset some of that turkey. Family football, Wii, and long walks are fun, too.
  7. Remember that that Thanksgiving is just one day, not a whole week! Enjoy yourself on the day (I know I will!), and get right back to your healthy habits the day after. It’s not so much the damage from one meal we need to be concerned about. It’s what continues to happen AFTER that really counts.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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